Temecula rox

Spent the day completing the Temecula Monopoly Ingress Mission Mural which i had started back in july. I had run out of time after 24 missions and had to leave the others for when we could come back. That was this weekend after get shamrocked. The 25th mission starts at the duck pond park where the 24th left off. While walking around the park back to the car I stopped next to a bench in the shade while i took a Pokemon Go gym and when i was done, looked down to find this sitting on the bench. The back of it reads Temecula Rox facebook. We also found a small rock painted like an American flag. On the way out of the park we ran into a couple of ladies wearing multihued purple tutus and fairy wings. I told them they were adorable and they explained they had walked in the Alzheimers walk. I should have thanked them for that but it did not occur until we had passed each other. As they walked away I heard one of them squeal "I FOUND one!"