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Just blank inside and looking at the sky. (Try it, i swear its like soul searching) you know if asked if you're a good person what would you say ? I guess yes and those who said relunctantly no i am kind of happy for you guys as you actually know yourself better and is in the process of becoming one, as just realising and trying to work on it is enough as a a start. I mean for example if asked how a child should behave we all will have something or another to form a nice meaningful answer. RIGHT ! But what about you what about when you're their to behave in a way that is ideal as a grownup. Or when you're in asituation where everything is not going as you planned so you take that anger and falts of yours on an absolutely irrelevant person or make further bad decisons in frustration to make it more worse. I mean is it RIGHT ? No one is perfect i understand but doing what you say is kind of a necessity right now dont just say things you dont mean by heart and mind. Actually if you are capable of creating a right action or situation in your mind just put a lot and lot of effort so that it could be seen in actions too. There are 2 types of good people one who say everything good but their action or when put to test by LIFE contradict their words and second Ladies and gentlemen these are the ones who are like heroes or just very human they match their kind sensible and strong words. I just realised how important it is for a person to fail so that they can try harder. How important it is to get hurt so that you can make sure you dont do it to others. How important it is to struggle so that the want in you to succeed can grow. POINT is learn from the failure dont just start hating life. Become BETTER & BETTER with every hardship you go through as i can gurantee you wont regret that. 🌷 Clips Sky GloriousSky Bluesky Creativity Has No Limits Human Hand Outdoors The Week On EyeEm TimeAlone Lifeisgood Nothingheremattersthere Love Preyforgood Godblesshumanity Done That. Done That. Been There. Perspectives On Nature Rethink Things
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