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EyeEm Selects One Person Sitting Leisure Activity People Day Outdoors Males  Sky Young Man Lake Reading Reading A Book Fall Coeur D'Alene Cellphone Photography The Week On EyeEm The Funnies Comics Funny Pages Youth Our Future Leaders Water Beach EyeEmNewHere Inner Power The Portraitist - 2018 EyeEm Awards Meanwhile, back at the swamp, Spike wasn’t doing so well. His latest comedy tour was a disaster. Maybe it was guilt. Maybe it was the drugs and alcohol. Who can really say? One thing for certain was that nobody was laughing especially not Spike. On what became his last show, he started a brawl that left him crying on stage. Most of the crowd demanded their money back and the people he thought were his friends simply walked out on him. Color Your Life American Alligator EyeEm Animal Lover Wolf Fest 2017 Mother Vs Nature Human Interaction Life On Display Creature Curiosity Learning From Nature Funny Pages Perspectives On Nature