As time goes by

"... im Grunde glaube ich, dass Zukunft, Gegenwart und Vergangenheit von dem Augenblick der Zeit abhängen, an dem man sich gerade befindet. Für die Kinder, die wir einmal waren, sind wir in diesem Moment Zukunft, aber wir sind Vergangenheit für die Menschen, die wir in zehn Jahren sein werden. Jeder Augenblick ist Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft gleichermaßen. Aber natürlich ist jeder von uns in seine persönliche Zeitlokomotive eingezwängt und die Landschaft rauscht immer in derselben Richtung vorbei." (Quelle: François Lelord, Hector und die Entdeckung der Zeit) Dieses Bild verbinde ich mit einer liebevollen Erinnerung an einen besonderen Menschen... As Time Goes By Bare Tree Beauty In Nature Cold Temperature Ladyphotographerofthemonth Life's Simple Pleasures... Memories ❤ Nature Nature On Your Doorstep Nature Photography Poetry In Pictures Snowy Sunset Time To Reflect Tranquil Scene Tranquility Tree Untamed Heart Winter Sunset Winterwonderland
Black And White Photography Industrial Old Buildings Slience What Does Peace Look Like To You? Stopping Time Free Expression Dead Or Alive  Lets Get Lost As Time Goes By
A memory to remember. Austria Train Station As Time Goes By
as time goes by... As Time Goes By Beauty In Nature Fence Nature_collection No People Outdoors Overgrown Reconquest Rusty Spiral Symbiosis Symbiotic Relationship Textured  Tree Tree Trunk Tree_collection
As Time Goes By Automn Leaves Autumn Capital Cities  Fashion Fashion Bag Fashion Week Ground Leaves Magazine No People Paper Rainy Day Season  Sidewalk Street Paris
As Time Goes By Capital Cities  Poster Torn Up
As Time Goes By Paddington Station Station Station Clock Waiting Big Clock Clock Clock Face Clock Time Day Hour Hand Indoors  Minute Hand No People Roman Numeral Time Time Ticking Away
"Time is a healer", they say, and time itself told me it's true. - MAinLoveWithLightAndShadow Nose Surgery Pain Wounds Time Healer Healing Hourglass Sandglass Black And White Bnw Bnw_collection Bnw_captures Bnw_life Bnw Photography Bnw_maniac Self Portrait Self Selfie Thats Me  Seeing The World Differently Heads Up As Time Goes By How I See Things - 17.05.2017 - #KarlHansenKlinik #BadLippspringe
Denmark 🇩🇰 Wonderful Copenhagen Towerclock Citytownhal Old Buildings Architectural Detail Architecture_collection Fine Art Photography Fine Art No People Old But Awesome Taking You On My Journey😎 Clock Clock Tower As Time Goes By As Time Passes Time After Time EyeEmbestshots
Copenhagen, Denmark Clockwork Clockcollection EyeEm Masterclass Wonderful Copenhagen EyeEm Best Edits Architectural Detail Taking You On My Journey😎 Fine Art Photography EyeEm Gallery As Time Goes By Time To Reflect Times On Our Side No People Old But Awesome Check This Out Detailphotography Times Ticking..  Tik Tak
As Time Goes By Automn Leaves Capital Cities  Fashion Fashion Week Magazine Rainy Day Paris
Behind The Curtain Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain  Looking To The Other Side From Where I Stand Old Places Seeing Things Through My Eyes Eye Em Gallery Waiting... As Time Goes By Learn & Shoot: Simplicity
Ten to Seven... As Time Goes By Eyem Nature Lover Relaxing Streamzoofamily
Berlin Street Markets Markthalle9 Kreuzberg The Places I've Been Today Architecture directly ab Berlin Street Markets Markthalle9 Kreuzberg The Places I've Been Today Architecture Directly Above As Time Goes By Old Buildings Berlin, Germany  Historical Building Steelconstruction
Nature wins, Part I.... Streamzoofamily Cars Eyem Nature Lover As Time Goes By
Cuba Collection Cuba Viñales Vintage Cars Oldtimer Blue Car Old Car From My Point Of View Landscape_Collection Tobacco Cuban Cars EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography  EyeEm Selects EyeEmBestPics Cuban Life Tobacco Plantation Vinales Cuba Carribean As Time Goes By Cuban Style Tobacco Barn Traditional EyeEm Masterclass
As Time Goes By Making Fotos
As Time Goes By Cat Children Faded Flowers Flower Interior Decorating Interior Style Piano Tulips Tulpen Vase Wall
As Time Goes By Statement Wall Art
Send me an angel Close-up No People Full Frame Day Sculpture Relief Sculpture Old Relief Sculpture As Time Goes By As Time Passes Outdoors Patina Angel
Casablanca As Time Goes By Humpreybogart Hollywood
Kick Sled Sled Kick Lost In Time Tree Solid Plant Stood Still Still Time Timeless As Time Goes By As Time Passes
*DER REIF* Der Reif ist ein geschickter Mann: O seht doch, was er alles kann! Er haucht nur in den Wald hinein, wie ist verzuckert schön und fein ein jeder Zweig und Busch und Strauch von seinem Hauch! Wie schnell es ihm von Händen geht! Kein Zuckerbäcker das versteht. Und alles fein und silberrein, wie glänzt es doch im Sonnenschein! Wär' alles doch nur Zucker auch von seinem Hauch! Doch nein, wir sind schon sehr erfreut, dass uns der Reif so Schönes beut. O Winter, deinen Reif auch gib, uns ist auch Augenweide lieb, Und ohne Duft und Frühlingshauch freu'n wir uns auch. August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798-1874) Every Flower Is A Soul Poetry In Pictures Cold Temperature Ladyphotographerofthemonth As Time Goes By Life's Simple Pleasures... Beauty In Nature Nature On Your Doorstep Snowy Nature Photography Untamed Heart Winterwonderland Ice Crystals Fragility Simple Beauty Natures Diversities Frozen Crystals Simple Things In Life Wintertime No Edit/no Filter
As Time Goes By Metronome Symmetry Symmetrical Blurred Motion Triangle Pace Music Old Old Technology Vintage Time Rhythm Rhythmic Showcase: February Fine Art Photography Pivotal Ideas Lieblingsteil
B&w Photography Blackandwhitephotography As Time Goes By Black And White B&w Photo
Tahoe HDR SCAPE EyeEm Best Edits Streamzoofamily Nature_collection Rsa_nature Landscape_Collection Streamzoo_Ville Steps As Time Goes By
Timeless beauty - MAinLoveWithFreedom As Time Goes By Time For A Break Time To Reflect Reflection Reflections Reflection_collection Reflecting People People Photography Street Street Photography Streetphotography Time Timeless Beauty Timeless Beauty True Beauty Love True Love Never Ends Up Close Street Photography - 25.10.2015
As Time Goes By ?
As Time Goes By...
Art Museum As Time Goes By Circle Circle Circles Circular Clock Clock Face Clockface Clockporn Clocks Moma Museum Of Modern Art Old Clock Old-fashioned Passage Of Time Single Object Time Time Goes By Time Pass  Time Passes By Time Piece Time Pieces Time To Reflect Watch The Clock
Nature wins, Part II... Streamzoofamily As Time Goes By Cars EyeEm Nature Lover
surface Surface Rust Wood - Material Plank Blue Orange Color Time As Time Goes By History History Through The Lens  Past Present Path Walking Pathway Backgrounds Backgrounds Textured  Full Frame Close-up Paint Wood - Material Weathered Pattern Rough Multi Colored Abstract
help me I'm drowning in thoughts My Thoughts Out Loud Edition Fantasy Photo lost in misery and pained heart. The moment when someone goes, little by little feels like your soul left to find where they went. Caught In The Moment As Time Goes By I hope I wake up soon.
St. Katharinen's Cipher Sheet Analog Analogue As Time Goes By Church Steeple Cipher Sheet Circle Clock Clock Hands Clock Tower Clockwise Clockwork Close-up Digits Historic Indoors  Numbers Old Reflection Reflection_collection St. Katharinen Kirche Steeple Time Time Flies Window Reflections Windows
My Best Friend As Time Goes By They Were Young Once Upon A Time The Whole Story
Shoe Human Body Part Relaxation Human Leg One Person Indoors  One Man Only Legs Crossed Wooden Floor Socks And Shoes Black Shoes Adult Close-up Low Section As Time Goes By
As Time Goes By Cat Close-up Day Decoration Faded Flowers Flower Flower Arrangement Fragility Interior Design Interior Style Living Room Piano Still Life Tulips Vase Volcano
My Year My View No People Outdoors Damaged Yellow Abandoned True Colors Popular EyeEm Gallery Eyeemphoto Check This Out! Eyeem Gallary From My Point Of View As Time Goes By Popular Photos The Week On Eyem What Who Where Truck Environmental Photography Environmental Issues
As Time Goes By
~ takin' the a train ~ Abondened Places As Time Goes By
As Time Goes By Night Nightphotography
old house wall with wooden door Abandoned Architecture As Time Goes By Auto Post Production Filter Blue Color Building Exterior Built Structure Closed Damaged Day Deterioration Door Entrance Full Frame House Facade No People Obsolete Old Outdoors Stone Wall Weathered Wood - Material
As Time Goes By Clock Face Clocks Colorful Day Double Exposure Illuminated Low Angle View Many No People Outdoors Sky The City Light Time Tree
Summer 2012 On The Road Leaving Look Forward 成都东站 Train Station China As Time Goes By
おはよう Goodmorning それでも時は、進み続ける。 Clock As Time Goes By Getting Inspired On The Road
That's Me Samsungphotography Walkabout Taking Pictures Hello World As Time Goes By Self Portrait
Time As Time Goes By B&w Photography Blackandwhitephotography
As Time Goes By Nature Nature_collection Beautiful Nature
As Time Goes By
毎年やってくる、3月11日という決して忘れることの出来ないこの日を胸に刻んで。⌛ Memorial Day Praying For World Peace Check This Out As Time Goes By