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On September 5th the Fullmoon was red bcs of Wildfires from the EagleCreekFire & SkamaniaCountyFire on both sides of the Columbiarivergorge in both Washingtonstate & OregonState currently over 33000Acres have been Burned 😥 RedMoonBurning Fullmoon Firemoon PDXFireSkys Bonneville Dam Bridge Of The Gods Crown Jewel Of OR
I took this on Tuesday September 5th 2017 . Looking over at all my Memories Burn To The Ground in the EagleCreekFire 2017 I can't help but cry. I'm standing by Bonneville Dam looking over at the OregonState side where the WildFire Rages the worst. Over 33000Acres have Burned Down including the WA State Side Columbiarivergorge SkamaniaCountyFire WildFiresPDX NightShots Of Fires Pdxtears Multnomah Falls On Fire Memories Up In Flames