Pre columbian

Majestic ruins in Uxmal, Mexico Jungle Uxmal Uxmal Mexico Symbols Mayan Culture Lost Civilization Travertine Maya Ruins Maya Maya Steep Pyramid Pre Columbian Sky History Cloud - Sky The Past Ancient Civilization Old Ruin Pyramid Architecture Built Structure Archaeology Ancient Travel Destinations No People Nature
Ca 50x 65cm Backgrounds Close-up Coloured Ink On Paper Design Ethno Ethnographic Art Forms & Shapes Full Frame Ink Drawing Intricacy My Designs . My Own Art & Design Work! No People Pattern Patterns Pen Drawing Pre Columbian
120x 120cm Acrylic On Ply Wood 2010 Astronomy Aztec Circle Concentric Directly Above Foreign Worlds My Atelier In Berlin My Own Art Work! No People Pre Columbian Universe First Eyeem Photo
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