Motorcycle; fuel; gas; tank; oil; station; gasoline; hand; power; energy; diesel; transportation; pump; refueling; travel; transport; petrol; business; car; industry; service; pollution; benzine; nozzle; person; auto; petroleum; refill; refuel; human; up;

Fuel tank of motorcycle that opened and waiting for oil or gasoline and high angle view. Close-up Close-up Transportation Car Technology No People Outdoors Auto Repair Shop Day Day Fuel Motorcycle Motorcycle; Fuel; Gas; Tank; Oil; Station; Gasoline; Hand; Power; Energy; Diesel; Transportation; Pump; Refueling; Travel; Transport; Petrol; Business; Car; Industry; Service; Pollution; Benzine; Nozzle; Person; Auto; Petroleum; Refill; Refuel; Human; Up; Oil Tank Top