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Centre of Neo-confucianism housing tablets of great Confucian Scholars from China and Korea including Confucius Sungkyunkwan University over 600 Years Old 1398 Joseon Dynasty Private University Jongno-gu Seoul South Korea
Walking towards Sungkyunkwan University founded in 1398 a year after the Joseon Dynasty began Jongno-gu Confucian Teachings Confucian Scholars Sungkyunkwan Scandal Private University Joseon Dynasty Bnwstreetphotography Bnwphotography Bnwseoul Tripwithsonmay2017 Tripwithson2017 Seoul South Korea
When the day finally arrives and it’s time to walk across the stage... LivingtheGL1a Private University College Life Humbled College Graduate College University New Journey New Beginnings Green And Gold Graduation Indoors  Real People One Person Day
I first learnt of Sungkyunkwan University through Korean Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal so I wanted to check out SKK University Private University Joseon Dynasty 600 Years Old Jongno-gu Architecture Seoul_architecture Seoul South Korea