Ottograph (amsterdam) is making 500 artworks with toy guns in it. to activate the discussion on the ridiculousness of fabricating toy weapons. #500guns #ottograph #amsterdam #paint #kmdg #graffiti #streetartistry #streetart #popart #art #streetart #kunst

Dutch pop-art painter Ottograph. Ottograph who graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, started to paint at the young age of ten, he liked the idea of painting on the walls of the streets of Amsterdam and has never stopped doing so. Now Ottograph’s art can be seen in galleries, on wall’s, in bars and shops around the world and not to mention the wall’s of the Modern Art Museum of Antwerpen, MoMu in Belgium. Ottograph’s work is full of color and life. What Ottograph paints is something that reflects to society in general and is something that people can relate to. On his own or to gether with his fellow artist/friends Ottograph has also set up several successful projects such as CIA (Central Illustration Agencey), which speaks for it self as well as KMDG a group of artist with a backround in illustration, graffiti and street-art who bring together artist from around the world to paint walls and commissions together. Over the years Ottograph has accumulated several important client’s such as Nike, Mars, MercedesBenz, and Apple i-pod and i-phone just to name a few… Ottograph Ottograph (amsterdam) Is Making 500 Artworks With Toy Guns In It. To Activate The Discussion On The Ridiculousness Of Fabricating Toy Weapons. #500guns #ottograph #amsterdam #paint #kmdg #graffiti #streetartistry #streetart #popart #art #streetart #kunst  Ottograph, Amsterdam, Paint, Kmdg, Graffiti Painting Painting Art Paintings