Abstract; background; bark; chopped; closeup; collect; cut; detail; dry; drying; energy; environment; fire; fireplace; firewood; forest; forestry; fuel; heap; log; logs; lumber; material; natural; nature; outdoors; pattern; pile; piled; pine; rural; stack

Pile firewood prepared for fireplace. Kiln-dried firewood background. Wall of dry chopped firewood prepared for winter. Natural old woodpile - fuel for boiler. Abstract; Background; Bark; Chopped; Closeup; Collect; Cut; Detail; Dry; Drying; Energy; Environment; Fire; Fireplace; Firewood; Forest; Forestry; Fuel; Heap; Log; Logs; Lumber; Material; Natural; Nature; Outdoors; Pattern; Pile; Piled; Pine; Rural; Stack Abundance Arrangement Backgrounds Close-up Day Deforestation Forestry Industry Fuel And Power Generation Full Frame Heap Large Group Of Objects Log Lumber Industry No People Outdoors Pattern Pile Stack Textured  Timber Woodpile