Virtual reality learni

Copenhagen, Denmark. 5th February, 2016. Khora is a pop-up space in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, where people can walk in and try different levels of virtual reality. Schools will be able to come in on field trips, companies can come in to see what is possible with VR. VR enthusiasts will be able to come in and collaborate with fellow content creators. Their goal is to create an environment where ideas about virtual reality can develop and come to life.

Pictured is 14-year-old Malte Konoy, from Albertslund Lilleskole, as he tests out one of the VR headsets. © Matthew James Harrison 360 3D Child Photography Child Using Virtual Re Class Of 2013 Copenhagen Innovation Kødbyen Learning Learning With Vr Oculus Rift People Reality Virtual Virtual Reality Virtual Reality Device Virtual Reality Headset Virtual Reality Learni Virtual Reality Simulator Vr Vr Gear Vr Glasses Vr Goggles Vr Headset Vr Lear