Event, holiday, happy, celebration, party, show, year, fun, new, people, cheerful, night, joy, festive, crowd, man, sky, friends, festival, colorful, background, toasting, red, adult, teens, rocket, social, teenagers, bright, togetherness, youth, annivers

People seen in silhouette during fireworks show. Architecture Arts Culture And Entertainment Building Exterior Built Structure Celebration City Cityscape Event Event, Holiday, Happy, Celebration, Party, Show, Year, Fun, New, People, Cheerful, Night, Joy, Festive, Crowd, Man, Sky, Friends, Festival, Colorful, Background, Toasting, Red, Adult, Teens, Rocket, Social, Teenagers, Bright, Togetherness, Youth, Annivers Exploding Firework Firework - Man Made Object Firework Display Illuminated Large Group Of People Long Exposure Multi Colored Night Outdoors People Sky