Finding my way back

My whole life is now in that 10x20 space. In limbo, awaiting the next phase of my journey. One step at a time, forward. Just a little more Lord, sustain and guide me for one more day, and one more day, and one more... Til I am what You would have me be. Built Structure Architecture EyeEm Tadaa Community Finding My Way Back Atmospheric Mood Eye4photography  Untold Stories Fortheloveofblackandwhite The Pursuit Of Happiness Bittersweet Love Always ... ~j๐Ÿ’™
[Repost from 2015] Atmospheric Mood Illuminated Illusion Star - Space Night Flipphotography Eye4photography  Finding Magic I Make My Own Stars Finding My Way Back Blue EyeEm Tadaa Community Eyeem On Instagram Simply Complex Love Always ... ~j๐Ÿ’™