The Davidsheldrickwildlifetrust in Nairobi is a must for anyone visiting Kenya. This amazing Trust rescues frightened and traumatised, orphaned elephants. It's truly touching to see how such wonderful people nurture these young and vunerable animals by giving them the love, support and encouragment they have been be so sadly deprived of. Their mothers have most often been poached, but some, from natural causes. Help support the elephants by visiting and donating. Elephant Animal Themes Young Animal Mammal Trunk Nature Africanelephant Orphanage Orphanedelephant Worthmorealive Stoppoaching Itstheirworldtoo
Another amazing resue by the Davidsheldrickwildlifetrust - sweet little thing. Innocent Elephant Nurture  Nurture Nature Water Babyelephant Kenya Savetheelephants Stoppoaching Worthmorealive Itstheirworldtoo Connected By Travel