Bir, himachal pradesh

A lot of people will love your work, a lot of them will hate it and you can't do anything about it. . Often times we end up getting stressed out because of the criticism directed towards our way and many times that criticism is from someone who doesn't understand what you're trying to do, at times it constructive as well. But its the other part, when it ends up hurting us, making us doubt our work, it's that criticism which we need to protect ourselves from. . So let people hate your work and their hate isn't something that'll define you or make you any worse. So let them say things about you, perceive you wrongly, for you know who you are and so just believe in yourself, in your work. . For many times, we let this hate and negativity affect our work, directing us to work towards making these haters like us. We changed our style, we go against our originality and that's where we lose our essence, while trying to Please others. And unfortunately, you'll never be able to please everyone. . All long as you don't your work and yourself trust me it's all fine. Let all the negativity towards you motivates you, make you work harder for yourself. . Reply in the only way you can, by converting more of the ideas into reality, by letting yourself as original as possible because beyond these haters are the one who love you, who adore you, who knows what are your true intentions to this journey, let them in and let them make you smile by teaching you that you have something specialz . . What i talk about is something I struggled with for years personally. And then things started happening only when i started to being honest to myself in my work. One Animal Animal Themes Mammal Domestic Animals Dog No People Close-up Outdoors Day Pets Nature Unique Perspectives Travel Destinations Eyeem Market Scenics EyeEm Animal Lover Contrast Dogs Of EyeEm Eyeem Marketplace Hills And Valleys India