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Lovely girl doll with no hands and legs , she only have her body to stand up on the ground, but anyway, even she have no hands and legs she can still smile every single day in her life. She never rely on the other because she can stand by herself , she can live by herself . She never gave up her life no matter how hard her it is. Because she can accept what she already have with and even if the worst things cannot make her smile goes away and cannot let her fall down. I got many strengths and encouragements everytime I look at this lovely doll when I feel depressed and wanted to gave up in something I can't accept in my life, but I asked myself if she can do, why can't I? This doll name is Pyit-Tine-Htaung in Burmese language. That's means if you throw this doll anywhere you want , she will remain stand up in there. Creation of this doll ambition is to give message to peoples "NOT TO GAVE UP NO MATTER HOW HARD YOUR LIFE IS, FACE EVERY SINGLE TROUBLE WITH SMILES, YOU WILL CONQUER EVERYTHING,NOTHING CAN DEFEAT YOU, NOBODY CAN MAKE YOU FALL DOWN.YOU ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE.JUST PROVE IT" >>>> :) Beauty Close-up Beautiful Woman Beautiful Women Outdoors People Mobile Photographyphy The Week On EyeEem Photooftheday Streetphotography Mobile Conversations Streetphotographer Faith Featured Photo Popular Photos Photography Photos Around You Follow4follow Likes4likes One Person Picoftheday Adults Only Prettygirl EyeEm New Here
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