Quicken Customer Service

Quicken is compatible with both Windows and Mac. However, different patches are there for the Windows and Mac. When you install Quicken, you must have noted that there is a patch for the Windows users and there is a separate installation patch for Mac users. Hence, there would be some differences between Quicken for Mac and Windows. There is no difference in features as well as functions. But, data files are different. Mac data files will not be compatible with Windows data files. To make Mac data file compatible with Windows version, you need to export the data file in Windows compatible version. For assistance and step by step guidance in this regard, call customer support center for Quicken. More Info: Quicken Customer Service
Cannot file your tax return? Facing trouble with filling up various forms? The system flashes an error message every time you try to perform a certain tax? The software is one of the best choices that you have for your tax management needs and if you have any trouble trying to understand the working of the software then you can always get in touch with the Quicken experts and they would provide you the necessary solution. The users can simply get in touch with the experts at the Quicken customer service helpline number which is toll free and globally available for all. More Info: Quicken Customer Service