Holidays in japan

This is the day when i visited gion, kyoto. The girl in kimono is known as maiko. A maiko (舞妓 ?) is an apprentice geiko (not exactly same as geisha) in Kyoto, western Japan. Their jobs consist of performing songs, dances, and playing the s hamisen or the koto (traditional Japanese instruments) for visitors during feasts.". Travel Junkie Lost Souls  Wanderers Of The World Paparazzi Style Throwbacksunday Holidays In Japan Walking Firsttimer Winter Japanese Culture Happiness ♡ Love ♥ Gooddays Blessed  Maiko Of Kyoto Outdoors
Snowing ❄ Maiko Of Kyoto Blessed  Gooddays Love ♥ Happiness ♡ Japanese Culture Winter Firsttimer Walking Real People Outdoors Holidays In Japan Throwbacksunday Paparazzi Style Wanderers Of The World Lost Souls  Travel Junkie