Make difference

❤️ "Saint Valentine on steroids" is on my mind. What do you think? HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU ALL!! (The big heart is dedicated to my lovely wife) (1/30, f/4, EV-1.7, ISO800, 16(24)mm) Night Illuminated Tree Love Neon Nature Valentine's Day  Valentine Make Difference Colorful Light And Shadow Change Your Perspective Celebration Exceptional Photographs Togetherness Magic Happiness Blue Heart Hearts Nature_collection Mood Love Is In The Air Edited On IOS Pentax K-3
Do you take your responsibility by using clean energy? (1/250, f/4, EV0, ISO1600, 150mm) Windmill Clean Air Clean Energy Silhouette Morning Environmental Conservation Alternative Energy Nature Scenics Sky Nature_collection Exceptional Photographs Light And Shadow Purple Sky Future Change Your Perspective New Life Clean Simplicity Choice Make Difference Changing The World Wind Power Wind Turbine PENTAX K-1
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