Penang, religion; thaipusam; hindu; malaysia; indian; people; god; devotion; worship; pray; religious; temple; asia; spirituality; festival; faith; celebration; prayer; georgetown; pain; holy; belief; ornate; place; body; devotee; culture; hook; heritage

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia - February 9, 2017 : Hindu devotee taking part in the Thaipusam festival on February 9, 2017 in Malaysia. Hindu festival to worship God Muruga. 2017 New Year Celebration Event Close-up Day February 2017 Malaysia, Thaipusam One Person Penang, Religion; Thaipusam; Hindu; Malaysia; Indian; People; God; Devotion; Worship; Pray; Religious; Temple; Asia; Spirituality; Festival; Faith; Celebration; Prayer; Georgetown; Pain; Holy; Belief; Ornate; Place; Body; Devotee; Culture; Hook; Heritage Religious  Yearly Event