Sveta Gera

On the trail to Sveta Gera, Nature Park Zumberak - Samoborsko gorje, Croatia, 2017. Sveta Gera Zumberak Samoborsko Gorje Mountain Meadow Documentary Hiking Adventure Dry Grass Tree Clouds Photography Themes Leisure Activity Outdoors Miles Away
"Sveti Luka na Svetoj Geri / St. Luka at Mount St. Gertrude", elevation 1178 meters, Nature Park Zumberak - Samoborsko gorje. Highest peak of Zumberak mountains, is subject to endless border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia. Although old Croatian name for the peak is St. Ilija, the name is almost forgoten and nowdays called by old Slovenian name Sveta Gera (St. Gertrude). In Slovenia the peak is called Trdina Peak and considered highest peak of Gorjanci ridge, named after famous Slovenian writer and historian Janez Trdina. Europe, 2017. Sveta Gera Trdinov Vrh Croatia Slovenia Border Mountain Mountaineer Mountaineering Hiking Trail Tree Cloud - Sky Leisure Activity Silhouette Nature Beauty In Nature Spirituality Spiritual Enlightenment Enlightened
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