Industrial Blues. As I was driving my kids to enjoy a Sunday afternoon at a McDonald's Playland I spied this industrial/agricultural set of buildings and decided I had to stop to shoot them. Ellie asked me, "Why do you always have to stop to take pictur
This is the Face Her Brother Gets. I took the kids out for pizza a couple weeks ago and while sitting at the table AJ and Ellie started farting around a bit. Naturally, Ellie gets the short end of the stick and gives AJ her usual stink-eye. These moment
Nom nom.
These days fly by so fast! I am grateful to capture as many of them as I can. Please feel free to comment and critique! I have thick skin and am always open to criticism.
Being Silly :)
Am I Silly Yet? This is Ellie. She is goofy. This is a shot I took of Ellie while eating lunch one Sunday at McDonald's. From time to time, she would take a break from her focused play to pose for my camera. And the camera loves her for it! Please fe
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