Peaking thru windows 11817547
This guy's dress and attitude screamed for me in the woods of Harriman State Park. #mushroom #nature #fungus 11817547
Walk like an Egyptian. At the Brooklyn museum. 11817547
From moving Amtrak, NY to D.C. And return. 11817547
Outside Madison Square Garden. 11817547
Seen in the Metro DC. 11817547
Yesterday's class outing on the High Line Park. 11817547
I met Mr. Flutterby this weekend while hiking, and while a bit standoffish at first we were able to speak eye to eye for a good long while. 11817547
Prospect Park Boathouse. 11817547
#brooklynbridge #nyc 11817547
DC Amtrak 11817547
Bug on green leaves. 11817547
A class outing on the High Line Park. 11817547
Exiting the new second avenue subway. 11817547
Coney Island. 11817547
A few minutes ago, Manhattan from Brooklyn. 11817547
#cooldude 11817547