Dancing girl 13048553
Thursdays with Violet 13048553
Not exercise -- chalk rolling 13048553
Hopscotch! 13048553
Violet strolling 13048553
Hopping, scotching... 13048553
Crafting already! 13048553
The dog's enthusiasm for walking through "a fine mist" is so infectious! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿฒ 13048553
Violet with curly hair after being in the rain 13048553
These are Violet's first big-girl jeans. We have a crueler name for them, referencing the propensity of plumbers to have difficulties keeping their belts in the right spot. 13048553
Violet was big into kids' games today. Hopscotch, hide & seek, grandmother's steps, illustrative songs... 13048553
Somehow this suggests a dare or the like 13048553
Strange color stuff 13048553
Among the mess, a flower blooms! 13048553
Checking to see how much chalk she's got on herself... 13048553
Undaunted! 13048553
Violet chez nous 13048553
Pink, cream, yellow, gray, white... yummy & girly. Violet herself could not be less so (girly) 13048553
Scuttling? Crabwise? 13048553
Striding &/or strolling 13048553
Violet zips up 13048553
Sidewalk chalk girl 13048553
Violet on the second-biggest rock in the island between the lanes-- is there a name for that "road furniture". as my husband calls it? I think if you have a feature that goes down the middle of the entire length of the road it's called a boulevard. But what if it's just maybe 1/2 a block or less, like this one? 13048553
Nothing like getting in there & splashing around ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿšฟโ˜”๏ธ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ 13048553
Adventures in the rain 13048553
Waving paws 13048553
Violet & Mama work on carnivores 13048553
Thursdays with Violet--exercising her quads 13048553
Violet w/ her collaged cross (though she doesn't get the symbol) 13048553
No point trying to get Arbella's attention when food is on the fork 13048553
"Did I really mean to get this wet?" 13048553
She so loves her Bopbop 13048553
Thursdays chez nous 13048553
Violet Break-heart 13048553
Interchange: Violet & Bopbop ('s feet) 13048553
#Violet cutting up her project -- a #collaged cross (though she doesn't get the symbol) 13048553
Sidewalk chalk drawing. 13048553
Hippie kid today 13048553
Off the sidewalk & into the water. Thank goodness for rainboots! 13048553
"Can't believe they still have their tree up..." 13048553
Violet climbing a second-biggest rock 13048553
Maybe just tired & crabby 13048553
Jumping the feet (?) 13048553
Violet eats her sandwich, closely observed by Arbella 13048553
Violet & Arbella 13048553
Adventure in the rain 13048553
Violet & tv 13048553
Violet consumes a messy sandwich, watchfully observed by Arbella. Where a finger is licked, a crumb may fall! 13048553
Arbella snacking on Violet's fingers 13048553
Arbella licks Violet's fingers 13048553