Uniqueness thoughts DISCRIMINATE ________________________________________________ It's 2017 not 1619 anymore When I hear of discrimination it gets me all sore To think that people believe they are a superior race And just of skin colour they get up in your face Not talking about a specific race of people so you know- no hate But it's still a point I'd like to make if I can It's been on my mind for awhile now What got me gearing into this rant if you will Was the most recent Chicago Facebook live Unfortunate incident with those 4 fucks and the young man who suffers from schizophrenia It should never had to happen for me to try this out But it gave me the final push to offer my two cents worth of wishful thinking against it Made me to start to think of the whole "black lives matter" thing too But the reality is fuckers, that ALL LIVES MATTER no matter what fool And the hate that is put towards each other around the whole ordeal Leads up to one or the other hating and trying to kill Don't you see that if we all just took a moment and tried to unite None of this bullshit would happen and we'd slowly make it all right? The past is the past- talking about before Lincoln put slavery to rest In 1862 Just saying we shouldn't stick in the past issues 'cause we'll never go forward Be focused too much on the bad and not trying to reach for a better world People like to have an order and be the top dog But that won't get us anywhere- stick together and let's help one another out of this fog We'll get further ahead together as a team and not all spread out With all other groups instead of one- unite as one and live life so peacefully That's what we need; not Blacklivesmatter But rather AllLivesMatter Weallunite Silhouette One Person Adults Only Men Real People Adult People Outdoors Day EyeEmNewHere TCPM
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