I'm in this for the long haul

I don't recognize my country anymore... in one week, one brutal long week, these hate filled govt "leaders" have done more damage then I can even wrap my brain around. Mourning For My Country This Is Not America Dark Days Blind Hatred does nothing good Religious Ban Walls Womens Rights most of our govt programs have created rouge accts for fear of data being deleted. Climate Change Science Healthcare Schools  Food Water Medicine Freedom Freedom Of Speech Freedom Of Press Basic Human Rights are all seriously compromised under this admin. I have zero trust in any of these fuckers. They are gonna kill people. I know my posts have been pretty bleak, but Art reflects Life and tho I do still have hope for my beloved America I know we are in for the fight of our lives. Stay Strong Warriors I'm In This For The Long Haul even tho it's making me more sick everyday. I can't ignore what's happening The Resistance Dictator On The Rise