Crookbarrow Farm. The hill (or Tump) behind the Farmhouse and Farm Buildings dates back many centuries. No one knows for sure whether or not it's an ancient burial mound. It has never been excavated. English Countryside Building Exterior Farmland History Lost In The Landscape My Cloud Obsession☁️ Vanishing Point Vanishingpoint Exceptional Photographs Historical Monuments Historic Historical Historical Place Cloud - Sky Autumn🍁🍁🍁 Autumn Colours Autumn Colors Tree On A Hill
Crookbarrow Farm. No one knows for sure what the large earth Tump is behind the farm. Some say it is an ancient burial mound. But the only artifacts (that are of any historical value) have been coins from the time of the Roman Occupation, but these are found frequently all over the country and prove nothing conclusive. History Building Exterior Lost In The Landscape Farmland Farmhouse English Countryside My Cloud Obsession☁️
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