Occidental Center for the Arts

Intermission. People lining up to buy glasses of wine & baked goods! Concert
We hope this will be the Occidental Center for the Arts, I think? Right now it at least doubles as the community center. This is a picture of a typical west Sonoma County group: hippies & aging hippies all. The music sure was wonderful though: Beethoven's 14th & 15th string quartets, played by the Miro quartet. Concert
Getting settled with their instruments Concert
Intermission Concert
Intermission Concert
The Miro Quarter takes the stage Concert
In this little town on the edge of the world, buried in 2nd-growth redwoods which are practically a rain forest themselves now, we get to hear world-class music... in a plywood band shell, in the town community center, buying cake & raffle tickets to help make it a real center for the arts. But these people were some of the artists & musicians & other folk who have wound up here. It's not just any little town on the edge of the world. Concert
Waiting for the raffle. Concert