Sand and rain erosion

Sandstone eroded over hundreds of years by rain, saltwater and sand, carried on coastal winds from the North Sea.. Full Frame Backgrounds Close-up Pattern Sandstone Gravestone Headstone Erosion Effects Pitted Patterns & Textures Sand And Rain Erosion Erosion North Sea Wind Local Sandstone
Whitby Abbey ...Parts of the building have stood for nearly 800 years directly facing all the weather the North Sea could throw at it. A walk around the ruins shows many levels of erosion due, in part, to the wind, rain and blowing sand which eat away the local sanstone it is built from.. Architecture Sandstone Pillars Local Sandstone Whitby Abbey Yorkshire Coast Erosion North Sea Wind Sand And Rain Erosion Colours Of Nature Built Structure Ancient Architecture No People Fullframe Sandstone Colours Heritagebeauty