28mm f/1.7

View from Domtoren Observatory : Landscape_photography Shine A Light High Angle View A Human Work Waterfront Harbor Forest Path Beauty In Nature Huis Ten Bosch Aerial View ハウステンボス Huis ten bosh, Sasebo City Nagasaki JAPAN Skyscraper Japan Photography European Style Architectural Feature September 2017 Leica Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 + Lightroom Mobile for iPad edit plus de Goood Night
View from Yasaka-jinja Shrine Gion Intersection : Cityscape Large Group Of People Travel Destinations Architecture Building Exterior Evening Sky Walking Around Gion In Kyoto / LEICA Q 28mm F/1.7 31, July 2017 No Edits No Filters
Osaka Tonight : Tsutenkaku Hondori Street ( 通天閣本通り), Osaka City 21:00 1st November 2017 ( Japan Standard Time ) LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 No Filter No Crop handheld de Good Night Japan Photography Nightphotography One Shot Photography Osaka Street Photography Tsutenkaku Architecture Blue Light Building Exterior Clear Sky Illuminated Looking Up Looking Up At The Sky Moon Sky Night One Person Perspectives And Dimensions Sky Snapshot Of The Day Streetphotography 大阪市 通天閣
Osaka Strut Part II w :Tsutenkaku Hondori street, Shinsekai Naniwa-ku Osaka. 1st November 2017 Travel Destinations Japan Photography / Leica Q 28mm F/1.7 Perspective Photography handheld No filter No crop de Good evening ♫ ナニはなくとも ナニワは最高 ♫ 他に比べりゃ外国同然 ♫ 『大阪ストラット Part II 』作詞・作曲 大瀧詠一 Night Lights Night Photography No Filter Osaka Street Photography Osaka Strut Building Exterior Looking Up Neon Sign No People Outdoors Symmetrical Text 大阪ストラット
I am dog ( Year of dog ) : 1st encounter on the street, Nagasaki City today 1st shot. LEICA Q 28mm No filter Handheld+Photos 3.0 edit de Dog monday afternoon Shibainu Around The World Portrait LEICA Q Low Position 28mm F/1.7 No Filter No Edit Focus On Foreground Today's 1st Shot On The Streets Street Photography Street Portrait Year Of The Dog Dog Domestic Animals Animal Themes One Animal Street Mammal No People
East meets West : 100 Days Of Summer Bicycle People Photographer Life Nightphotography Lowlightphotography Street Photography Snapshots Of Life On The Street Corner Building Exterior Street Gion In Kyoto , Rambling with a Leica Q 28mm F/1.7 Travel Destinations Streetphoto_bw Black & White 6, july 2017 京都市  祇園 Kyoto, Japan Personal Perspective No Finder Wonderful Sunday, EyeEm mate 👍🏻😎
On The Street Corner in Tenjin, Fukuoka-shi : rambling with a LEICA Q 28mm F/1.7 One Shot Photography Perspectives And Dimensions The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards Street Photography Nightphotography Snapshots Of Life Snap a Stranger Mode Of Transport Illuminated Riding Real People 福岡市 天神 三光橋あたり 31, May 2017 2nd shot de Good week
EyeEm Selects Rusty Helloween🎃🎃🎃 Dolls Decoration Focus On Foreground Close-up Bokeh Photography Leica Q 28mm F/1.7 September 2017 ハウステンボス Huis Ten Bosch Sasebo City Nagasaki JAPAN Japan Photography
Leica Store Kyoto 2nd floor, Leica Gallery : Architecture Architectural Feature Low Light Photography Japanese Style Living Room Chairs Light And Shadow No People Illuminated IKEBANA 障子 Shoji / LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 Iso100 handheld. 28, April 2017 The Secret Spaces Gion In Kyoto Kyoto, Japan 京都市  祇園
Chandelier with vine and morning glory design, cased, cuts, gilt, engraved, Made In France 1840~ : Entrance Hall Open Ceiling Space Ornamental Glass Museum at HUIS TEN BOSCH Nagasaki . LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 ISO 100 Spot metering No Flash / handheld Testing Tesing, 1 2 3 de Good evening Antique Beautiful Object Chandelier Light HUISTENBOSCH Illuminated Indoors  January 2017 Lowlightphotography No Flash Photograhpy Spotmetering
Dutch missions to Edo ( miniature showcase ) : Dejima, Connected to Japan. 28mm F/1.7 Dejima(出島) Exhibition Illuminated Indoors  Iso100 Miniature Personal Perspective Reflection Showcase March The Way Forward Nagasaki Historic Highway 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō)
かみさまの御前なる岩に憑依する滝 / Universe of Water Particles on a Sacred Rock / The large sacred rock (about 3m in height, 4.5m in width) of Inari Daimyojin shrine of Mifuneyama Park, was reproduced in a virtual three-dimensional space, and a waterfall was simulated to fall onto it. The waterfall was then projection mapped onto the rock in the actual Inari Daimyojin shrine. The water is expressed as a continuum of numerous water particles and the interaction between the particles is calculated. Lines are drawn according to the behavior of the water particles. The cumulation of lines that represent the waterfall are then “flattened” in line with what teamLab considers to be ultrasubjective space. 御船山楽園内、稲荷大明神にある巨石(高さ約3m、幅約4.5m)を仮想の三次元空間に立体的に再現し、そこに水を落下させ、巨石の形による水の動きをシミュレーションし滝を描いた。その滝を、実際の稲荷大明神にある巨岩にプロジェクションマッピングした。 水は、無数の水の粒子の連続体で表現し、粒子間の相互作用を計算している。そして、水の粒子の挙動によって、空間上に線を描く。その線の集合をチームラボが考える「超主観空間」によって平面化し滝を描いている。Leica Q typ116 28mm handheld No edit No filter No tripod de Good Night 100 Days Of Summer 28mm F/1.7 August 2017 Japan Photography Mifuneyama Rakuen Saga,Japan Walking Around Taking Pictures Black Background Close-up Night Illumination No People Projection Mapping TeamLab Waterfall 佐賀県 御船山楽園 武雄市
Friday Night Shibuya Crossing people : Leica Q 28mm f/1.7 No Filter No Flash No crop handheld 27, October 2017 de Good evening 28mm F/1.7 October 2017 Shibuyascapes Snapshots Of Life Tokyo Street Photography Tokyo Days Building Exterior City Life Congestion Crowd Illuminated Large Group Of People Men People And Places Real People Rush Hour Shibuyacrossing Still Life Streetphotography Walking Women
Looking Down ABENO HARUKAS 300 Observation Point : Abyss Flying High South side view Night Lights Traffic Lights Travel Destinations Architecture Illuminated Aerial View Downtown District Cityscape / Friday Night 24 February 2017 あべのハルカス 300 展望台  LEICA Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 No Edits No Filters handheld / No tripod Walking Around The City  Osaka-shi,Japan
Illuminated OSAKA West side View from ABENO HARUKAS 60F Observatory 300 meters Large Group Of People Adults Only Indoors  Landscape_photography Night Lights Lowlightphotography Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 Sihouettes Tonight Is ABENO HARUKAS Osaka,Japan Japan Scenery de Welcome To Black
Travel Destinations 58 floor Sky Garden ABENO HARUKAS . 60F Looking Down View : A Frame Within A Frame Indoors  Illuminated Cityscape Wooden Texture Garden Photography Night Lights Walking Around Taking Pictures あべのハルカス Osaka,Japan / Leica Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 No Filter handheld Floor Guide >>
Yesterday's once more 27, October 2017 : Comming Home people Snapshots Of Life LEICA Q 28mm F/1.7 No Edits No Filters de Good Sunday, mate Comming Home Night Lights Night Photography Tokyo Big Sight Architecture Building Exterior Crowd Illuminated Large Group Of People Leisure Activity Night Illumination Outdoors People
Architecture European  Hotel Europa Huis Ten Bosch The Way Forward On The Bridge Traffic On The Streets Building Exterior Land Vehicle Mode Of Transport Real People Street Photography Transportation ハウステンボス Nagasaki / LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 Low Position September 2017
デザートテロ : NARISAWA Directs Innovative Satoyama Cuisine Cocktail Dessert Focus On Foreground Ready-to-eat In The Train On The Table Sensitive Light Looking Down Chestnut Azuki Bean a pudding-like arrowroot cake with Pannacotta Sweet / Kyushu Railway Company. JRKYUSHU SWEET TRAIN “ARU RESSHA” October 2017 Nagasaki Journey Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 handheld No crop Macro mode + EyeEm edit plus de Have a Good weekend スイーツテロ
Kyoto pop : Building Exterior No People Architecture Kawara Shop Window Decoration 6,July 2017 Streetphoto_color Leica Q 28mm F/1.7 Walking Around Gion Kyoto Kyoto,japan de Good evening
Tilt Up camera ABENO HARUKAS 300 Observatory south side view, 24 February 2017 Traffic Lights Aerial View Architecture Building Exterior Cityscape Illumination Landscape Osaka 大阪 South Side Of Field Travel Destinations Urban Skyline Osaka-shi,Japan / LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 handheld No tripod Photos ( MacBook Air ) edit plus あべのハルカス 展望台
Synchronicity, Amu plaza Nagasaki. 14th December 2017 1st shot / LEICA Q 28mm No Filter No flash handheld Snap a Stranger Snapshots of Life de Good Morning Nagasaki Syncronicity Snapshots Of Life Lifestyles Real People Retail  Full Length Men Store Still Life AMU Plaza People And Places アミュプラザ長崎 Today's 1st Shot 28mm F/1.7 Show Windows Christmas Decoration
Back Alley walking Let’s Go. Together. Gion In Kyoto : Building Exterior Architecture Illuminated No People 100 Days Of Summer Lowlightphotography Nightphotography Streetphotography Night Lights Low Position LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 handheld No Filter + Lightroom Mobile Personal Perspective 京都市  祇園 路地裏 Travel Destinations Kyoto, Japan Japan Photography 6, July 2017
View from harbor City. Domtoren Clock Tower Observation Platform, HUIS TEN BOSCH Sasebo, Nagasaki / LEICA Q Typ116 28mm f/1.7 de A Happy New Year from Japan ( JST 0:28 Now) 28mm F/1.7 After The Rain Architecture Building Exterior Cityscape HUISTENBOSCH Japan Scenery Nagasaki Night Illumination No People Outdoors Perspective Photography Reflections Walking Around The City  ハウステンボス
Go, Vantege Point Nagasaki Today / 2017 Christmas Nagasaki Station Tonight : Leica Q 28mm F/1.7 No Filter No Flash Handheld Photos 3.0 16:9 Crop de Good evening Christmas Lights LEICA Q Typ116 Tonight Architectural Feature Christmas Decoration Large Group Of People Nagasaki Station People Real People Retail  Saturday Night カモメ広場 長崎市 長崎駅 アミュプラザ長崎 ナガサキ⭐︎テラス
Before Departure 9th September 2017 2nd Shot JR Kyushu Hakata Station Platform No.5 CRUISE TRAIN SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 No filter Photos Square crop only de Good Night Train - Vehicle A Frame Within A Frame Luxury Train Omotenashi  Leisure Activity Mirror Reflection Rail Transportation Real People Togetherness Women ななつ星 博多駅
Leica Store Kyoto Snapshots Of Life Machiya Japanese Style Architecture Entrance Portal Walking around Hanami-Koji Street Photography Gion In Kyoto Leica Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 Iso100
On The Bridge 巽橋 Tatsumi-bashi, Gion Shirakawa River Kyoto, Japan Lowlightphotography Water Reflections Waves Pallet Illuminated No People Outdoors Tree Night Lights Night Photography Finding a heron de Good Evening / 28mm F/1.7 Kyoto, Rambling with a Leica Q Walking Around The City  京都市  Travel Destinations 祇園白川
オマケ:今日の寄り道ゾーン ww 言わず語らず わかる奴だけ判れば良いのだ😉明日も風任せに何処かへ😆 Landscape_photography Osaka,Japan Testing Tesing, 1 2 3 LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 Nightphotography OSAKA Cityscape
Untitled : Stockphoto Louis Vuitton collaboration Da Vinci Night Lights Street Fashion Displaydesign Street Photography Light And Shadow On The Street Corner , LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 Lowlightphotography Handheld Exposure Full Length No crop No flash Lightroom Mobile for iPad Black And White edit plus Walking Around Tenjin, Fukuoka Japan Photography de Good Friday EyeEm mate
Shibuya center-gai Street, Tokyo Today evening : Tokyo Street Photography Snapshots Of Life LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 Shibuyascapes Walking Around Taking Pictures Architecture Building Exterior Candid Photography Casual Clothing Illuminated Large Group Of People People And Places Real People Walking Around The City  渋谷センター街
Departure Times 22:05 Turn right, Luxury Liner Cunard RMS Queen Mary 2 Matsugae International Terminal, Nagasaki ◀️ another person Video recording. Real Photography 28mm F/1.7 handheld Photos ( MacBook Air ) edit 16:9 Crop Illuminated Night No People Outdoors Night Lights Night Photography Walking Around Taking Pictures 長崎市 松ケ枝国際ターミナル 25, March 2017 Yesterday Night
Dejima Night 🏃 LEICA Q 28mm No filter No Flash Low posion Handheld 16:9 image crop 1st, January 2018 Snap A Strangers Dejima(出島) Dejima Again Personal Perspective Night Lights Night Photography LEICA Q 28mm F/1.7 Lowlightphotography Low Position 16:9 Image Walking Around Taking Pictures
新年快樂 Chinese New Year Lunar New Year 2017 NAGASAKI LANTERN FESTIVAL : Face 20:45 ( Japan Standard Time ) Sorcerer's Apprentice, Chinese Face changer Magician Street Photography Street Portrait Nightphotography Lowlightphotography Candidshot 28 January 2017 Walking Around The City  Kannai machi Nagasaki-shi / 28mm F/1.7 handheld Snapshots Of Life No Flash Testing Tesing, 1 2 3 Adapted To The City Nagasaki JAPAN Japan Photography
EyeEm Selects Moments Musicaux - prelude : Leica Store Kyoto Traditional Architecture Machiya Germany + Japan Marriage  Aesthetic Consciousness Interior Design Japanesque Wall Decoration Indoors  Wafu Travel Destinations Gion In Kyoto Hanamikoji 570-120 Minamigawa Gionmachi Higashiyama-ku Kyoto Japan Photography / Leica Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 8, July 2017 Photos( MacBook Air ) edit plus. Good Sunday EyeEm mate😊
On The Street Corner kokutai doro street Fukuoka-shi : Candid Photography Selective Focus Focus On Foreground Real People One Person One Woman Only Streetphoto_color Street Light Personal Perspective Night Photography Night Life Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 One Shot Wonder 20 February 2017
A.K.A.R.I Nakasu, rambling with a Leica Q : Street Photography Street Light Streetphoto_color The Way Forward Nishiki koji Avenue Illuminated Night Lights Night Lowlightphotography No People Red Lantern Low Position 28mm F/1.7 No Filter No Flash + Lightroom Mobile Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka,Japan 1, July 2017 de Good Monday Night
Open Aperture : Capture The Moment Looking Down People And Places. Back Yard Palace Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo Japan Dramatic Lighting Night Lights Night Photography December 2016 / LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 handheld/no filter Testing Tesing, 1 2 3 / One Shot Wonder Walking Around The City  Huis Ten Bosch Sasebo city Nagasaki prefecture ONEKYUSHU Discover Kyushu, Japan Landscape_photography
Saturday Night Is CRUISE TRAIN / SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU (NANATSU-BOSHI) Side View : City At Night Stars Reflect Kamome 885 A Frame Within A Frame Stripes Straight Lines JR KYUSHU TRAINS Luxury Train design by Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates on the platform No4 Nagasaki Station 長崎駅 / Q typ116 Low Position 28mm F/1.7 EyeEm edit plus de Good Sunday, Eyeem mate
TMS2017 Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Nissan INTERIGENT MOBILITY Demonstration Stage : Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 handheld Full Length No crop de Good morning Tokyo Reflection Light And Shadow Future Vision Future Car Low Position Motor Show Nature Photography Arts Culture And Entertainment Car Close-up Demonstration Land Vehicle Low Light Photography Projected Images Transportation Tree 東京モーターショー 東京モーターショー2017
Resonance 19, june II : Astronomy Illuminated Outdoors / Team Lab presents " Floating , Resonationg Spheres - Omura Shrine" Omura, Nagasaki Arts Culture And Entertainment Leica Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 handheld Low Position Night Photography Lowlightphotography Live For The Story Place Of Heart 大村市 Nagasaki JAPAN Japan Photography Large Group Of People testcase lowlight shot de Good evening 😎
Nagasaki Today today's camera target III : Life Is Technicolor RMS Queen Mary 2 長崎市・松ケ枝国際ターミナル 21:29 ( Japan Standard Time ) LEICA Q Typ116 28mm F/1.7 handheld Cruise Ship Illuminated Matsugae International Terminal, Nagasaki Neon Sign Night Lights Night Photography Silhouettes
2017 Indianapolis 500 Winner machine ( Drive by Takuma Sato 🇯🇵 ) at HONDA booth, Tokyo Motor Show 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight. 28mm F/1.7 Indycar LEICA Q Typ116 Low Position Motorsport Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Close-up Indy500 Racing Car 東京モーターショー 東京モーターショー2017
Scenery of "NAGASAKI LANTERN FESTIVAL" : Chinese New Year Hamano machi Arcade, Nagasaki City de Good Night 28mm F/1.7 Adults Only Candid Photography Foreigner In Nagasaki On The Streets Passing Time People Perspective Photography Red Lanterns Scenery Shot Selective Focusing Streetphoto_color People Walking
Break time 🐻 Teddy Bear KINGDOM : 1st Entrance Gate Huis Ten Bosch Sasebo City Nagasaki prefecture A Frame Within A Frame Night Lights Q typ116 28mm F/1.7 No Edits No Filters handheld no tripod de Good Dreams
TeamLab : Forest Path Memory of Continuous Life / 連続する生命の記憶 “A forest Where Gods Lives” Arts Culture And Entertainment High Angle View No People Outdoors Beauty In Nature Digitized Nature Trees Illuminated Nature Night Lights October 2017 Exceptional Photographs walking around Mifuneyama Rakuen Takeo City Saga,Japan 佐賀県 武雄市 御船山楽園 / Leica Q 28mm F/1.7 No flash Handheld No crop Lightroom Mobile for iPad edit plus de Good Sunday
New Year's eve : Next New Year Chinese New Year : in NAGASAKI LANTERN FESTIVAL Coming soon 27, January Streetphoto_color Out Of Focus Street Photography Snapshot Yesterday Night Night Street Photography / 28mm F/1.7 Snapseed Editing  de Good afternoon 😃
Travel Public Transportation Paddington Station Moments Leicaq Journey Transportation EyeEm Best Edits Full Frame 28mm F/1.7 Walking Alone London Catch The Moment " Lost in Transition "
Finding Nagasaki Cat extra : UNZEN Stray Cat on the road. Animal Thema Japan Photography No Finder Animal Themes Unzen, Nagasaki LEICA Q Typ116 28mm 28mm F/1.7 No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography Full Frame September 2018 Stray Cat On The Road Street Photography Portrait
Cooling at restaurant Attic, Dejima Whraf. Nagasaki bayside de Good Night EyeEm Selects Dejima Wharf Nagasaki JAPAN 28mm F/1.7 No Finder Bokeh Photography Focus On Foreground Food And Drink Glass Household Equipment Refreshment Still Life Cold Drink Close-up