Double amputee

Muhammed Qamand is 8 years old. He is from the Ansari Sharqy area of Aleppo, Syria. On 2nd May 2012, Muhammed travelled to the Bab al Hadid area to visit grandparents with his mother, little brother, uncle and cousin. Muhammed’s father was at work at his barbers shop. It was a normal family day, Muhammed’s uncle shaving his grand-uncle, mother cooking lunch, his little brother sat on his grand-mother’s lap.
 At the time that area of Aleppo was held by rebel forces, the government launched an airstrike, an explosion from a rocket hit the house, killing Muhammed’s mother, brother, grand- uncle and grandparents, Muhammed’s legs were gone below the knee and his cousin received facial injuries. With the help of friends who had fled to Turkey, Muhammed and his father made it through rebel held areas across the border to Turkey. They live in Istanbul now supported by generous members of the Syrian community there. Currently, Muhammed and his father live in a second floor apartment accessed by a spiral staircase, this in itself provides a challenge for the family. Muhammed who is learning to walk without physiotherapy with his second hand prosthetics suffers severe back pain and requires his father who still suffers from a chest wound (received in Syria from which he bears a ten inch scar, when a grenade exploded near him) to carry him often. This is a challenge, as Muhammed’s lack of limbs, which would balance the weight of his body, make it difficult to hold and carry him. Muhammed has only ever had emergency surgery and will soon need an operation, as he is at risk of suffering from a condition known as bone overgrowth in which his leg bones will start to grow through the ends of his stumps.
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