22November 2016

At abt 602/603am on 22November 2016 I was awoken by my sister who had clutched my hand, shaking it to wake me. She said "Am I imagining it, or is the room shaking?!'. She was right. It seemed to be shaking violently. But I was in denial - went to the bathroom to check if there was someone there shaking the wall. Bathroom was empty. I assessed my coats. Which shall I use to run out of the building with? Laziness set in. I called the concierge : "Good morning, room 2701 - are we having an earthquake?' Concierge : " OK. NO PROBLEM!". "Ok!' I said and promptly went bk to bed. This earthquake (an aftershock of the 2011 fukushima earthquake) registered 7.4 on the scale . i can only imagine how frightened those in fukushima were. I pray that they don't go through another earthquake / aftershock / tsunami. Earthquake FUKUSHIMA 7.4 Tokyo TokyoNov2016 Japan