We All Need Support.This steel beam and old steel bolt,has been the aging wooden beams support since WW1.Love how nature fights,to find its way back. Close-up Architectural Detail Close Up Photography Agedmetal Agriculture Industrialbeauty Textured  Beauty In Nature Textures And Grains Gravelandstone Agedarchitecture Architecture_collection Natural Light
I thought about two things,waiting for this shot,to just hit the right part of the rusted out wall.(1.Was lam up to date,on My tetnus shot?.( 2 Please God,dont let there be,Any Massive Bird Eating Spiders,or Worst Trap Doors Spiders.To make Me,sreaming and running out, of this huge Shed.That would be normal... Sunset Asphalt Beauty In Nature Gravelandstone Rusted Walls Sunsetthroughrustedwall. Sugarcane Field Sunsrays. Whatlaysbeneath.