Ancient cliffs

"Day after day, alone on a hill, the horse with the cutest face is standing perfectly still".... A very steep cobbled lane climbs out of Whitby town on its way up to the famous abbey. One Animal Horse Cute No People Steep Hill Stone Wall Town View Architecture Domestic Animals Pets Animal Themes Outdoors Houses Thick Mane View Beyond Horselove Whitby North Yorkshire Ancient Cliffs Tourism
Fortunes Kippers established in 1872 sits beneath ancient cliffs in Whitby, North Yorkshire. As you walk along the cobbled Henrietta Street towards the smokehouse the beautiful oak wood aroma fills the air and your nose leads you to the tiny shop that surely must be one of the best places in Britain to buy kippers! Kipper = A freshly caught herring..split..salted..and smoked. YUMMY. Smoke Woodsmoke Architecture Business Building Old Tiny Family Run For 140 Years Shop Smokehouse Sign Text No People Window Red Painted Wood Outdoors Building Exterior Ancient Cliffs Whitby North Yorkshire
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