Carrying chairs

In the midst of winter, a good place to enjoy is in open spaces with some sun and air. In Lodhi Garden in Delhi, a number of people come to relax and have fun, with children and younger ones playing games and others coming to play card games or other board games. Here a few men are carrying plastic chairs and a folder carpet inside the garden, most likely for a group planning to have a picnic. The Lodi garden contain tombs of many of the rulers of the Lodhi Dynasty, who ruled Delhi and parts of North India and Pakistan in the 14-15th century. The gardens cover an area of 90 acre and are very popular with people, who come here in groups or even alone. People come here to exercise, to have a picnic, or play, or even for romance. Till around 80 years back, there were villages around the tombs, but these were removed in 1936 and a garden made around these historical structures. Carrying A Carpet Carrying Chairs Delhi India Lodhi Garden Lodi Garden Outdoors People Plastic Chairs Preparing For Picnic