Ursus americanus vancouveri

Have you ever had a bear come up and smell you? After yesterday's close encounter with this curious beauty i now have. I was nearing the end of my hike along a local creek and as i passed an old log by the side of the path i decided that having a rest on it wasn't such a bad idea. Out of boredom i took out my phone to check my step counter and as im staring into the screen my peripheral vision catches something, a long black nose sniffing its way towards me. I turn my head slightly without worry as i usually have a dog with me or encounter dogs on hikes. But soon it becomes obvious that this black snout belongs to a big black bear that's only 2 meters away from me! I was startled to say the least and bolted up from the log while letting out a little scream. My sudden movement caught the bear off guard and he quickly retracted his snout and launched himself away from me. Moments later he stopped at a more safe distance for both of us to have a last look before heading into the thick forest. Animal Portrait Animal Themes Animal Wildlife Animals In The Wild Black Bear Day Mammal Natural Framing Nature No People One Animal Outdoors Pathway In The Forest Standing Ursus Americanus Vancouveri Vancouver Island Wildlife