Tenkaippin (天下一品 川崎店)

ねぎラーメン餃子セット。麺大盛り。こってりスープをチョイスしましたが、余りにもコッテリし過ぎてて味がよくわからなかった。。。Negi Ramen and Gyouza Food And Drink Ready-to-eat Food Enjoying Life Lifestyles Taking Photos View Noodles Gyouza
Soup Food And Drink Food Meat Indoors  Healthy Eating No People Ready-to-eat Plate Pork Close-up Freshness Day Ramen Noodles Noodle Noodle Soup Noodlesoup Noodletime🍝 Noodles Time Soup Bowl Soup Of The Day Soup Time  Soupe Dinner