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Cinematic 3D Character of Kung Fu Ape – sci-fi Cartoon feature film - Atlanta, USA This 3D Character Model of Ape is developed for Cinematic Teaser of feature film called “Kung Fu Ape”. First of all we developed concept 2d Art drawings of Ape and based on that we have develop realistic, semi realistic and cartoonist Ape 3D Character. GameYan Studio – art outsourcing studio for feature films and could work as production house to do entire 3d development for any animated movie, Our professional team of artists can develop variety of 3D art content for movie and video games along with low optimized characters for mobile and virtual reality interactive games. Project: Kung Fu Ape Client: Fred Category: Movie Cinematic Trailer Country: Atlanta, USA Rade More : 3D Animation Studio Animation Character Modeling Development Film Game Design Motion Capture MOVIE Production
The Advantages of Apartment Building ideas by 3d animation studio Bern. Apartment buildings are an integral part of the real estate scenario. With major cities getting increasingly crowded, getting individual houses to live in is a luxury which only a few can afford. Architecture Design Apartment Building Residential  Studio Animation 3D Architectural Design Studio Architectural Studio 3D Animation Studio Exterior Building Building Exterior Building Story Apartment Buildings Apartments Rendering Idea High-Rise High-rise Building High-rise Buildings Community Community Garden Landscaping Landscaping Design
A Virtual Tour for Perfect House ideas by Yantram architectural animation studio Moscow. Our Studio strongly represent our decade old arduous journey to become a top class renowned brand for 3D designing, an envy to every studio in the CGI world. Residential  Exterior Design Exterior House Design 3d Animation Firm 3d Animation Companies 3d Animation Company 3d Architectural Design Architectural Rendering Companies Architectural Animation Companies Architectural And Design Services Architectural Visualisation Studio Architectural Modeling Firm 3D Animation Studio Architectural Studio Architectural Animation Studio Architectural Design Studio Animation Studio Designer  Design Modern Outdoors House Architecture