Men selling dumplings

Yesterday, i went out to do some Street photography (diving back into it after a long time) and as you may know it is little terrifying, you never know how a person will react, you may end up making few friends😉 or getting punched up in the face👊🤕😅 and as i was going to do it after a long time i was already little uncomfortable😂 so for the purpose of not getting too much attention i thought it would be better to do it with a phone. Well, i found very soon i couldn't be more wrong. When you do street photography with a proper camera people think "ok you are a photographer or interested in it" and when you do it by phone,well, you look like some weird guy who likes taking photos of strangers😂😂😂 But still this weird guy managed to get some pics😅😅 Monochrome Photography Streetphotography Street Photography Street Food Worldwide Street Food Food Dumplings Dumpling  Dumpling Shop Shop On The Road Blackandwhite Black And White Man Selling Men Selling Dumplings Asianfood Chinese Food Casual Clothing Hanging Out EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White People Watching People Photography Exceptional Photographs Enjoying Life Eating Be. Ready. Black And White Friday