Welcome to Beijing... the first of my "Asia Collection"... I will be posting pics of my trip through China and Japan and hopefully will be able to reflect some of the beauty in these gorgeous, crazy, scary, exciting, amazing countries. This was the alley in Beijing leading up to our Hutong where we slept for 3 nights. The bucket was used to store charcoal for Hot Pot. Men would smoke, drink and stoke fires at night to keep the coals hot for any hungry customers. They were nice enough to point us in the right direction when they saw two young foreigners trying to navigate the dark alleys on a hunt for a bed to rest. China 🇨🇳 ASIA Asian  Alley Urban Urbanphotography Hotpot Streetphotography Ryephotos Photos Canon Cannon5dmarkiii Cannonphotography Ryephoto Photographeverything Photoalldamnday Galleryoftheday Natgeo Natgeocreative
Lion guardians. One of the many lions within the forbidden city guarding the entrance to one of the many squares in the city. This make bronze lion is from the Ming dynasty as most were. There is one set of lions from the Qing dynasty that appear significantly different than the rest, and are thought to warn concubines not to listen or care about the internal government affairs within tbr hall they guard. Beijing China Forbidden City Lion Bronzelion Statue Guardian ASIA History Canon Canon5dmk2 Canonphotos Ryephotos Photoalldamnday Photographeverything Canon Canonphotography Travel Natgeotravel
Doors to the empire. Was lucky enough to make it thru the doors of such a historic location and walk on the same stones and paths of ancient rulers. The approriately names forbidden city really is a city within a city. (Think of the Vatican) there were farms, a library, housing, gardens, treasure rooms, just about anything you can think of in this compound. Grateful to experience and to walk within the walls of history. China China Photos China Beauty Forbidden City Emperor Bejing ASIA Historic Compound Photographeverything Photoalldamnday Natgeotravel Ryephotos Canon Canon5DmarkII  Canonphotography