Granddaughter art

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Our newest Granddaughter. Christmas dinner with our family. Pure Joy. Pure No Filters Or Edits Granddaughter Art Christmas Dinner Young Parents Night Time My Time Pure Happiness! Standing Strong! Babygirl Celebration Table Indoors  Real People Food And Drink Two People Togetherness
my Granddaughter made me this work of art in her Preschool class the other day! shes 4 and as you can tell pretty darn talented!!!😋😋😋Granddaughter Art My Favorite Piece Masterclass Eyeems Best Monster Art Green Color Multi Colored Vibrant Color Creativity Man Made Object Representation Shapes And Color TakeoverContrast The Week On EyeEem LOUD AND PROUD Original Photography Creativity Colorful Close-up Teeth! EyeEm Photo Of The Day Halloween EyeEm Ubu&I'llbme Overnight Success Maximum Closeness