A wonderful aurora night in Kirkenes. Norway is blessed by these lights! Above The Clouds Arctic Arctic Lights Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis Norway Autumn Colors Finnmark God Kirkenes Life Love Night Nordlys Norlichts NorthernLights Northernlights In Finnmark Northernlightsphotos Norway Romance Sky Starry Night Stars Storskog Tundra Vestleiren
Great northernlight night in Kirkenes, Norway. Very close to border to Russia. And few hundred meters from Vestleiren. Amazing Arctic Nature Arctic Nights Astrogazing Astronomy Astronomy Photography Atr Autumn Fantastic Finnmark Friskilæ Höst Kirkenes Nordlys Norlichts Northern Norway Northernlight Sky NorthernLights Northernlightsphotos Pasvik Stargazing Tusenvikskaret Varanger Vestleiren View