Letter slot

Have a Look Art Art Photography Briefkasten Briefschlitz Close-up Day Krk  Letter Slot Mail Slot No People Outdoors Post
See the Alien's Eyes, Nose and Mouth? La Bocca della verità?! Or just a historic Door with a Letter Slot Alien Close-up Door Eyes Façade Face Grey Historic La Bocca Della Verita Letter Letter Slot Mailbox Mouth Nose Postbox Shades Of Grey Slot
Newspaer in letter slot of door Letter Box Weathered Wood Close-up Day Door Folded Letter Slot Mailbox Mailslot Metal Newspaper No People Outdoors Paper Rusty
Letterbox Letter Slot Red Sign Osanpo Camera Walking Around The City  Sunday Stroll Chance Find
Letter slot in an old wooden door. Slot Antique Brown Close-up Communication Correspondence Door Entrance Frame Indoors  Letter Letter Slot Letterbox Mail Mail Slot Mail Slots Mail Mailbox No People Old Old Door Ornate Rectangle Retro Styled Technology Wood - Material