Peepee fallsm

After the hellish heat of the Kilauea volcano, it was time to cool down in paradise. These are the Peepee falls on the Wailuku river, just west of Rainbow falls near Hilo. Access requires a short hike through the bush. The sweet water is crystal clear and refreshing. Swimming here was an afternoon delight. Check conditions before diving in though. The waters can be very powerful and they have dragged people out of paradise and into trouble before... oHawaii iLeisure Activity yLifestyles sLooking Up pMan nMe eNature eOutdoors sParadise ePeepee Fallsm mRainbow wRiver rScenics sSelf Portrait tSelfie eSwimming gTourism mTravel lVacations sWailuku uWater rWaterfall lMy Favorite Place People And Places Live For The Story The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards Sommergef├╝hle Lost In The Landscape
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