Few small leaves of a plant growing in an orange grow bag. The leaves of this plant are pretty small, even though this plant is pretty old and should be much bigger. The plant is suffering from deficiency. The plant was planted in a cocopeat plug which shows on the top of the soil. Cocopeat Cocopeat Plug Diseased Plant Grow Bag Grow Bags Kitchen Garden No People Nutrition Pro Orange Grow Bags Plant Small Plant
Two orange grow bags, with one of the bags having a plant, and the leaves of the plant are shriveled, indicating that the plant is suffering from some deficiency. Needs to be corrected, else the plant could die. Cocopeat Cocopeat Plug Grow Bag Grow Bags Infected Plant Leaf Leaf 🍂 Leaves No People Nutrition Problem Orange Grow Bag Potting Mix Stunted Leaves
A cocopeat plug is a good way to start growing a seedling, putting a seed and letting it grow for some time till it gets a few leaves. Then the plant with the plug can be planted directly into a potting mix, such as in this grow bag. Cocopeat Cocopeat Plug Deficiency Dying Plant Grow Bags Home Garden Kitchen Garden Orange Grow Bag Plant Plant Deficiency Potting Mix Seedling Small Plant Weak Plant