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When F1 race cars are brought into the team garage for a race event, the race car is but a basic shell of central chassis & engine. Thereafter, each team begins to assemble the race cars up to be track ready over one to two days, in readiness for the first practice sessions. In this capture, I focused in on the electrical umbilical cord connected to the cars computer, from the teams mothership computer mainframe. As the individual parts are assembled to the chassis, the tech team behind the scenes can quickly verify a correct installation, or if there is a potential problem which can then be modified or replaced early in the build up. The visible laser light on top of the air intake takes in geometric measurements from various external points on the suspension to again verify a correct suspension alignment, as per the teams technical parameters. Once the racing is over, it's a complete 180 degree's of work, to disassemble the cars back to a bare central chassis / engine shell, before shipping them off back to the teams home base, or to the next circuit destination if the car has sustained no racing damage. Most teams will have up to three basic chassis's, so their racing season can continue, if repairing a damaged one through a racing incident. F1 Racing Inner Workings Innovation Motion Blur Motorsport Plugged In Racing Tadaa Community Car Chassis Design & Technology Laser Light Mode Of Transport Motion Capture Motion Photography Motorsports Motorsports Photography Occupation Pre Race Selective Focus Skill  Streamzoofamily Technology White Colour Working Working As A Team
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