This is call "BADE MAS" it is 15 metres high, all hand made, its took 3 months to finish it, it is the "vehicle" to bring the human bone during cremation ceremony in Bali. Bademas Cremationceremony Culture Tradition Hindu Bali INDONESIA Colosal Sacral Art Architecture Balinesse Bali Theislandofgods
The penjor is a tall, curved bamboo pole decorated with coconut leaves with an offering at the base. All materials for a penjor constitute people's basic needs, signifying that we should take care of those things. In addition, livestock sacrified for the ceremony are beleived to become better creatures in their next life. Penjor Thesymbolofmountain Thesymbolofprosperity Handmade Nature Balinesse Tradition Culture Hindu Bali Theislandofgods
Offerings are the most important means of maintaning good relations with (the) invisible powers who together with human beings inhabit the island of Bali who guard the sources of life. An offering is foremost a gift. When presented to the deities it expresses the gratitude and thanks lof the balinese for the fertility of the earth, for everything that makes life on this planet possible. When offered to the demons i prevents them from disturbing the harmony of the universe... Offerings Threemonthsbabyceremony Balinesse Hindu Culture Tradition Bali Theislandofgods
Ogoh Ogoh are statues built for the Ngrupuk parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi day in Bali. Ogoh Ogoh normally have form of mythological beings, mostly demons. Each village usually build one Ogoh Ogoh mainly built by each village's Seka Truna Truni (Balinesse village's youth organization), bit often some smaller ogoh ogoh also built by groups of teenager around the village. After being paraded on a convoy around the village, finally it is burnt to ashes in a cemetery as a symbol of self purification. OgohOgoh Art Statue Tradition Colosal Culture Hindu Bali Theislandofgods INDONESIA