Around The Kyushu Left : 海の幸の ajillo / center : 熊本県 あか牛のステーキ丼 beef donburi / right : 九州風 salad。All seasonal food at made in Kyushu. Kyushu Railway Company Spacial train JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 14:53 Departure from Nagasaki station - 17:35 Arrival at Sasebo station. in the train restaurant Supervision Mr. Narisawa actually visits producers in Kyushu and selects only the highest quality ingredients through his seasoned Five Senses . Bento Foodphotography Freshness In The Train La Cuisine Nagasaki JAPAN NARISAWA BENTO On The Table Wood - Material 飯テロ
One more thing Wooden Texture Lunch Box Ready-to-eat JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 NARISAWA BENTO Food Photography IPod Touch Photography 33mm No Finder No Filter 14:48 ( JST ) omake 😉 plus