Festival Season Thai Teacher Praying Festival:This festival usually begin at the second month of new semester in Primary and High school like June, but it depend on when the institute would like it take place. This ceremony show how the students respect to their teachers. Newtonphotograph S7edgethailand S7Edgecamera
Thai ancient architecture Newtonphotograph S7edgethailand S7Edgecamera
Beautifully Organized color of styles.... Newtonphotograph S7edgethailand S7Edgecamera Taking Photos Colors Bangkok Colour Of Life
This is what we know. The most famous application in the world(maybe) Pokemon go! This is one of the Pokestop (I dont know is it correct) Anyway, anybody who didnt play is game? Yes i didnt play. S7edgethailand S7Edgecamera Newtonphotograph Siamcemter Thailand Bangkok
Ham and Cheese Croissants Newtonphotograph S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand ClikThailand
Hey what's up!? Long time never post.... It was in the morning time... The light and sun raising was very amazing. S7edgethailand Bangkok S7Edgecamera Newtonphotograph SunriseinThailand Building
Spaghetti chicken meat ball with parmesan cheese S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand Newtonphotograph StamfordInternationalUniversity IhmStamford Foods
Gnocchi 🍜🍜 Food S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand Newtonphotograph Eating StamfordInternationalUniversity
Pad Thai Thaifoods S7edgethailand S7Edgecamera Newtonphotograph
Dinner time Newtonphotograph S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand Bangkok Thailand Eating Terminal21bkk Pier21
This is myself hehe dont be shocked lol. Enjoy your rest of day and enjoy your meals. 😊😊😊😊🍸🍹 Newtonphotograph S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand
Bamboo Curtain Bamboo S7edgethailand S7Edgecamera Newtonphotograph Bangkachao
Light/fe must go on...... Newtonphotograph S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand Light Candles Woman Story Selectivefocusmode
Im here now visiting the royal Bangkok National Museum which locates next to the Grand Palace. All Thai people are mourning the King Bhumibol Rama9. Follow my Instagram for more pictures. ntk.nawa1995 Thaiking Thailand Bangkok Newtonphotograph S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand
Hello hipster world.... Newtonphotograph S7edgethailand S7Edgecamera Taking Photos Clothes Style
Pan-Fried Salmon Steak with varieties of vegetables Salmon Steak Foods Newtonphotograph S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand StamfordInternationalUniversity
Victory Monument Thailand Newtonphotograph Taking Photos S7Edgecamera S7edgethailand
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