Iron sunflower

Sunflower🌻 Scarecrow...👒🌾 Hanging Out last year all the Deer that roam my neighborhood ate every last Tomato we grew. Andl they didnt just eat the fruit they ate the whole damn vine! This year we putour plants in containers and just broughtthe inside at night. However....we got Lazy and left them out a few nights and we noticed that there were no hoof prints,so now we just leave them outside. But Just In Case I Had An Idea i put the Iron Sunflower into Mother Earth and i put a couple Windchimes on the sunflower and put in next to the Plants so now when the deer put there faces into the plant to grab a tomato theyll hit the Chimes And It Might Scare The Shit out of them Tahdah . so its basically The Worlds 1st Sunflower Scare Crow! Happy Sunday Everyone  The Colour Of Life EyeEmNewHere Capturing Magic Scenics EyeEm Gallery Amateur Photography Streamzoofamily Color Of Life!